Lesser Black-backed Gull (graellsii & intermedius)

(last update: May 17 2015)


LBBG rings

lbbg 1cy May
lbbg 1cy June
lbbg 1cy July
lbbg 1cy August
lbbg 1cy September
lbbg 1cy October
lbbg 1cy November
lbbg 1cy December

lbbg 2cy January
lbbg 2cy February
lbbg 2cy Mar-April
lbbg 2cy May
lbbg 2cy June
lbbg 2cy July
lbbg 2cy August
lbbg 2cy September
lbbg 2cy October
lbbg 2cy Nov - Dec

lbbg 3cy Jan-April
lbbg 3cy May
lbbg 3cy June
lbbg 3cy July
lbbg 3cy August
lbbg 3cy September
lbbg 3cy October
lbbg 3cy Nov - Dec

lbbg sub-ad Jan-April
lbbg sub-ad May
lbbg sub-ad June
lbbg sub-ad July
lbbg sub-ad Aug
lbbg sub-ad Sept
lbbg sub-ad Oct
lbbg sub-ad Nov
lbbg sub-ad Dec

lbbg adult January
lbbg adult February
lbbg adult March
lbbg adult April
lbbg adult May
lbbg adult June
lbbg adult July
lbbg adult August
lbbg adult September
lbbg adult October
lbbg adult Nov - Dec

LBBG 3cy NLA 5.366.282May 07 2003, Maasvlakte - Dintelhaven, the Netherlands. 

Ringed July 08 2001 as pullus at Missouriweg, Maasvlakte. This bird has moulted all scapulars and several wing-coverts and tertials, prior to northbound migration. The central greater and outer lesser coverts are still much abraded (second generation-like) feathers. Soft parts acquired adult-like pigmentation but the bright yellow bill (red on the gonys) has a black bill-band. The legs are already yellow. The complete tail has been renewed to at least third generation as well, as all the rectrices are plain white. Most rectrices replaced for third generation feathers which are almost completely white. The visible secondaries are old second generation. Odd primary moult with P4-P6 third generation and P1-P3 & P7-P10 old second generation.

See also: NLA 5.366.284