Lesser Black-backed Gull (graellsii & intermedius)

(last update: May 17 2015)


LBBG rings

lbbg 1cy May
lbbg 1cy June
lbbg 1cy July
lbbg 1cy August
lbbg 1cy September
lbbg 1cy October
lbbg 1cy November
lbbg 1cy December

lbbg 2cy January
lbbg 2cy February
lbbg 2cy Mar-April
lbbg 2cy May
lbbg 2cy June
lbbg 2cy July
lbbg 2cy August
lbbg 2cy September
lbbg 2cy October
lbbg 2cy Nov - Dec

lbbg 3cy Jan-April
lbbg 3cy May
lbbg 3cy June
lbbg 3cy July
lbbg 3cy August
lbbg 3cy September
lbbg 3cy October
lbbg 3cy Nov - Dec

lbbg sub-ad Jan-April
lbbg sub-ad May
lbbg sub-ad June
lbbg sub-ad July
lbbg sub-ad Aug
lbbg sub-ad Sept
lbbg sub-ad Oct
lbbg sub-ad Nov
lbbg sub-ad Dec

lbbg adult January
lbbg adult February
lbbg adult March
lbbg adult April
lbbg adult May
lbbg adult June
lbbg adult July
lbbg adult August
lbbg adult September
lbbg adult October
lbbg adult Nov - Dec

(3 images) LBBG intermedius J0Y7 December 03 2003, Le Louroux-Béconnais, W France. Images Alain Fosse.

Rather strong and bulky 1cy LBBG, probably a male. Ringed as pullus in the far north of Norway, on 12 July 2003 at Nordfugløy, Karlsøy, Troms, Norway (70.16N 20.13E). Although from the far north of Norway, this individual matches graellsii in many respects (although late in moulting the scapulars, but this could be expected from such northern lattitude).
All scapulars, wing-coverts and tertials are still juvenile. A few upper scapulars have been dropped and will be replaced by new second generation feathers this winter.

More images of blue ringed LBBG J0Y7 at the website of Alain.

(2 images below) LBBG 1cy intermedius J0Y7 December 03 2003.

(image below) LBBG 2cy intermedius J0Y7 December 15 2004.