Great Black-backed Gull- Grote Mantelmeeuw (marinus)

(last update: 15-2-2007)


gbbg 1cy Aug-Sept
gbbg 1cy October
gbbg 1cy November
gbbg 1cy December

gbbg 2cy January
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gbbg 2cy March
gbbg 2cy April
gbbg 2cy May
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gbbg 3cy January
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gbbg ad Jan-April
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sub-adult: July

Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) 4cy E703: July 27 2004, Westkapelle, the Netherlands. Ringed in 2001, isle of Terschelling, the Netherlands. P7-P10 old. Picture by Jaco Walhout. grotemantel27juli2004westkapelle.jpg (35383 bytes) 
Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) sub-adult: July 11 2002, Le Portel - Boulogne sur Mer, France (50.42 N - 01.34 E). Ageing GBBG may be difficult in sub-adult plumages, but some clues can be found in this bird. The greater coverts are clearly more abraded than the adjacent median coverts, except greater covert #5 which was moulted last in line. The outer lesser coverts show brown-hued centres and the white tips of the tertials are worn away. On average, the upper-parts appear very messy and the older wing-coverts appear weaker than can be expected in full adult plumage. 2137gbbgsubad.jpg (62037 bytes)
Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) sub-adult / 3cy? July 11 2002, Le Portel - Boulogne sur Mer, France (50.42 N - 01.34 E). 2137gbbgsubad.jpg (62037 bytes)