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Website Ruud Altenburg
Gull Topography Website Ies Meulmeester
Links to Gull sites Rings Roland-Jan Buijs
Grey & Colour Charts Website by Frank Majoor
Barth's colour value & chroma Gulls in Israel by Amir Ben Dov
Bahrain Website Maarten v Kleinwee
Location IJmuiden Website Hannu Koskinen
Location Westkapelle Website Alain Fossé
Location Portel Website Jean Michel Sauvage
Locations in NW Europe Blog Chris Gibbins
Papers in PDF Blog Gabriel Martín
Summaries of Articles Blog Antonio Gutierrez // Blog Madrid Gull Team
About ORG Blog Tim Audenaert
1cy LBBG research - Movie  
Breeding HG & LBBG at Moerdijk - PowerPoint (16 MB)  
IJmuiden website & location IJmuiden Finnish fuscus abroad
Moerdijk website LBBG BTO rings breeding in Holland
Pale smith from Azores Suspended Moult - Peter Stewart
Cachinnans for Visa Barth's research data
Dark glaucoides in Holland Smith 1w characteristics table (in Dutch)
2cy heuglini ID Smith 2w characteristics table (in Dutch)
Viking Gull in Holland Discusfus
Dragonflies from Aruba & Curacao

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