Locations: IJmuiden harbours - near Amsterdam

(last update: 10 oktober 2005)


Picture right: IJmuiden harbour. Local Dutch argenteus near the statue, raised "for those who went out on the sea, but never returned". In the background IJmuiden Lighthouse. 

IJmuiden is one of the larger harbours with fishing industries of the Netherlands (see map), together with Scheveningen, the harbour of The Hague. It's therefore hardly surprising this town attracts many gulls, even more since there is also a large sandy beach and shallow waters and a two kilometers long pier. Over the years many nice recoveries were done including Bonapartes Gull, Ross' Gull, Iceland Gulls, Glaucous Gulls and it's a very good spot to watch migration of sea-birds. The fishing industries and activities in the harbour attract large flocks of local argenteus Herring Gulls and these flocks attract interesting gull species. Most pictures at this site were taken at IJmuiden, only 18 km's of Amsterdam.

IJmuiden harbour. Local Dutch argenteus gathering with pigeons. People from IJmuiden feeds them regularly, almost daily and many people visiting the small fish & chips restaurant do not forget the birds. Gulls eat from your hand (and some people don't like that much!) and can be approached within half a meter.

Image below: industrial complex IJmuiden / Velsen-Noord, with Corus steal plant in the background. Small group of Great Black-backed Gulls from Scandinavia resting at the beach.