intermedius LBBG Copenhagen K234458 , 26 November 2000, Westkapelle, the Netherlands. 


An individual from Denmark, ringed Copenhagen K234458. This individual was ringed on July 09 1991 on the isle of Anholt in Kattengat, Denmark (56.42N,11.34E). Clearly behind in primary moult compared to local birds; p7 only with a very small white tip. Moult score 41, with p10 is still present. Note the typical features for intermedius: an compact, small bird somewhat resembling Common Gull in general appearance, with a short and thin bill, neckless and pot-bellied, dove-like and with short legs. 
Over the past few years, a few other codes of Danish birds were read:

date: code: born: place: notes:
27.10.99 Copenhagen 4041636 17.07.72 Anholt Denmark 56.42N,11.34E p5 fully grown
26.10.99 Copenhagen 4041616 13.07.73 Anholt Denmark 56.42N,11.34E p7 fully grown
26.10.99 Copenhagen 4041916
25.10.99 Denmark 4124822 14.06.87 Jylland Denmark 56.39N,08.14E p7 fully grown
26.11.00 Copenhagen K234458 09.07.1991 Anholt Denmark 56.42N,11.34E
13.10.01 Copenhagen 4272452 07.07.99 Langli Ho Bugt Vadehavsoerne Denmark 55.31N,08.19E Black on bill; p8 over p7, p9 old white tail.
25.10.99 Denmark 4272489 07.07.99 Langli Ho Bugt Vadehavsoerne Denmark 55.31N,08.19E
14.10.01 Kalo 467213 24.06.93 Veno, Struer, Jylland 56.33N,08.37E
30.10.01 Copenhagen  4244078  + Yellow V978 27.06.1995 BOGł, KERTEMINDE, FYN 55.35N,10.37E Recovered before: 05.05.2001 in Denmark (55.54N,10.39E), 28.09.2001 in Holland (53.24N,05.12E), 05.10.2001 in Holland (53.1-N,05.0-E).
All codes read at Westkapelle, Holland 51.33N,3.25E. All birds ringed as pullus.