Gulls in Europe

(last update: October 10, 2012)

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Lesser Black-backed Gull (graellsii) 2cy H460 June 20 2008, Westkapelle, the Netherlands.

Ringed as pullus in N Germany, transition zone between graellsii ("Dutch intergrades") to Scandinavian intermedius. H548 ringed on Amrun/Norddorf, Quermarkenfeuer (54º40´N/8º 19´E) on 01 July 2007 as pullus.

Many wing-coverts replaced in the post-juvenile moult at the winter grounds (often late winter), which now are worn 2nd gen feathers. Outer gc still old, very abraded juvenile feathers. Complete moult started, indicated by fresh wing-coverts (central llc, outer lc).