Locations: Westkapelle in Zeeland, the Netherlands 

(last update: 10 oktober 2005)


region "Walcheren".

A map with locations in Zeeland, SW Netherlands. Westkapelle is one of the best spots to see (and certainly photograph and read ring codes of) LBBG in the Netherlands from mid-September well into November. Local birders have set up their own site; for information on recent sightings, pictures, last news on migration, etc. See the Zeeland website (also in English).

From September to March, it is also a guaranteed spot for cachinnans and Herring Gulls from both far northern Scandinavia and the Baltic region.

Image below: common scene at Brouwersdam, where Herring Gulls roost and fourage at the tidal zone along the bitumen and basalt dike. Situation more or less similar to Westkapelle. 






detail "Westkapelle coastline".



below: Herring Gulls at Brouwersdam, similar niche as Westkapelle.