Slaty-backed Gull (schistisagus) / オオセグロカモメ / 큰재갈매기

(last update: December 2015)

Kim Seog-min (South Korea)
Hideo Shimura (Japan)
Peter Adriaens (Belgium)
Mars Muusse (Netherlands)

Slaty-backed Gull (schistisagus) 1st cycle (1CY), October 13 2012, Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan. Picture: Shiroto.

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Overall brown texture on underparts, extensive dark on tail and densely barred undertail coverts classic for Slaty-backed. Also hefty bill, head shape and small eye typical for this taxon. In this bird, more than average barring in juvenile tertials and wing-coverts. Anchor patterned 2nd gen feathers in the lower row of upper scaps may be an indication of Vega Gull influences (normally plain 2nd gen scaps in Slaty-backed).