Photo 3: sub-adult LBBG, July 14 2001, IJmuiden, the Netherlands. 

Is this very dark LBBG really showing 2nd generation p9-p10? P10 has a small mirror, p9 does not, nor is there a white tip. The tip at p8 is quite obvious and suggests the tip at p9 had to be developed as well. P1-p8 are all present, hence there is no active primary moult in the (inner) primaries. For LBBG in any plumage, this is quite rarely seen by mid-July. One explanation could be that this bird just returned from the wintering grounds and suspended moult prior to migration. However, the tips of p5 and p6 are slightly worn already and do not suggest recent moult. The tail is completely white. The upper mandible has some black marking. In the top image, compare the dark tone on the upper-parts with the local 3cy Dutch intergrade LBBG left. 

The image right is purposely overexposed (the white parts blur) to get a better view on the moult stage which is otherwise hard to ascertain in these dark birds.