Photo 4: LBBG 2cy, June 30 2001, IJmuiden, the Netherlands. 

A second type 2cy LBBG with very advanced bill coloration and with many streaks on head and under-parts. 

Most scapulars have been moulted last year to second generation brown-grey feathers with a dark centre. Those scapulars are visible as very abraded feathers and show much wear on the fringes. New scapulars are dark grey, either second generation (replaced as the last scapulars this spring) or already third generation (what seems most probable since they appear very adult-like). 

All tertials have been moulted to second generation, probably before winter started. Now they show wear in the tips. The inner 5 greater coverts are old second generation feathers; the outermost greater coverts are still juvenile and very abraded. The median coverts are second generation as well, with wear at the tips. In the lesser coverts, some new feathers appear and show a dark centre with a buffish fringe. In the carpal edge, the coverts are still juvenile (bottom image). 

In the primaries, P3 is growing, about the length of P2, P5 is missing and P6 is still juvenile: the primary moult score is 17. Secondaries are still juvenile.