2cy LBBG FD, June 26-28 2003, Boulogne/Mer, NW France (50.42N,1.34E).

Mint-green ring FD, ringed as pullus at Bristol, Britain (51.27N 02.35W) by Peter Rock on June 29 2002. A barred type in second generation median coverts. P4 is fully grown, P5 already longer than P3. P7-P10 are still juvenile. 

In the right wing: P4 is fully grown, P5 is at half of its length and P7-P10 are still old, juvenile outer primaries. All rectrices and secondaries still juvenile.
The complete moult in the wing-coverts has started as well. The two upper tertials have been replaced, #3-#4 have been shed. In the greater coverts: gc1-gc3 are fully grown, gc4 is still juvenile, gc5-gc13 are missing, gc14 and outwards are growing. Most of the median and lower lesser coverts are replaced, a few are still missing. Almost all scapulas are third generation.