2cy intermedius / fuscus LBBG, June 27 2003, Boulogne sur Mer, NW France (50.42N,1.34E).

A third type 2cy LBBG intermedius / fuscus with all remiges and rectrices moulted in the post-juvenile moult. Much fuscus-like in moult strategy, and probably just this taxon or otherwise not possible to separate from fuscus.

All secondaries, rectrices and primaries moulted to second generation. The partial moult on the wintering grounds (post-juvenile moult) has been very advanced. All tertials and wing-coverts are at least second generation as well, and actually this individual has undergone a complete moult, as 2cy LBBG in NW Europe show in the summer months. Considering the wear in the fringes of the wing-covert tracts, the post-juvenile moult may well have followed the ordinary sequence of the complete moult.
All lower scapulars are second generation. In the upper scapulars, a few feathers have been replaced for very dark grey third generation feathers with a blackish shaft-streak (1-25%). 
The bill is very immature, most dark with a slightly paler (greyish) base. The iris is dark brown. The orbital ring is still dark and the legs are pink.

Birds like this individual may be the most advanced intermedius in 2cy spring. They are very reminiscent of 2cy spring fuscus, which also includes most of the primaries in the post-juvenile moult.