Photo 8c: LBBG 2cy, May 31 2002, Papegaaienbek - Maasvlakte, the Netherlands. 

A first type LBBG in first summer showing an anchor pattern on 2nd and 3rd generation scapulars. Tertials #1-2 are second generation, #3 is missing and the lower tertials are still juvenile. Greater covert #1 is missing, #2 is second generation, probably moulted on the wintering grounds and from #3 outwards, the greater coverts are still juvenile. Median covert #1 is still juvenile, #2 is fresh second generation, #3 is missing, #4 is still juvenile, #5 is missing and from #6 outwards the median coverts have been replaced. Almost all lesser coverts are still juvenile and at least two lower upper scapulars (see gull topography for explanation) have been replaced for third generation feathers, which are very second generation-like in their anchor pattern. The iris turned paler brown.