Photo 5: LBBG 2cy, May 23 2002, Missouriweg Maasvlakte, the Netherlands. 

First summer showing very abraded second generation scapulars and mantle. In the lower upper scapulars at least one recently moulted dark uniform feathers (probably third generation) can be seen. Three other lower upper scapulars are missing. The third generation feather is just visible on the rear back and has a dark grey base-tone and an accentuated shaft streak. All the wing coverts are either juvenile or second generation feathers moulted in the post juvenile moult last autumn and now already half a year of age. Median covert #8 is missing, #9-10 are old second generation. In the lower lesser coverts #8-9 are missing. In the lesser coverts The the tertials and the tail are completely juvenile as well. In the primaries, P1 is missing (the average score for 2cy LBBG of the first type by mid-May).

Probably, this bird spent the winter at southern latitudes (severe sun radiation and probably close to the coast, so sensitive for marine influences, etc).

For explanation of the feather tracts, see the topography section.