Photo 13: LBBG 2cy, May 04 2001, Le Portel (France).

A 2cy LBBG actively moulting the tertials and coverts. All scapulars have a strong brown tint, showing a pattern of black clubs, sometimes more like a sub-terminal band (e.g. in the very fresh upper lower scapulars). Active moult in the rear upper scapulars. The two upper tertials are missing. Almost all visible (so, at least the inner) coverts (lesser, median and greater) are new second generation.
The bill is two toned. The under-parts are clearly clouded with a strong brown hue.

Examining the scapulars and coverts in more detail, it seems moult continued (at a slower pace?) throughout the winter in some LBBG. In May, quite some LBBG return from the wintering grounds with old second generation scapulars and wing covert (the fringes worn away, bleached).