Herring Gull (argentatus & argenteus)

(last update: February 11, 2013)

Herring Gull argentatus 2L80 3CY, November 16 2016, Katwijk, the Netherlands.

The bird was ringed in a mixed colony of Larus argentatus and Larus cachinnans. Strong dominance of argentatus. Retarded plumage, with hardly grey coverts and very extensive dark-centred tertials TT3-5. P4 with pale brown sub-terminal band.

First metal ring (ID): Lithuania, Kaunas / Mus. Zool. EN07812 [LIK EN...07812]
Coloured and numbered leg-ring Yellow 2L80

Ringing data:
Species: Larus argentatus / Herring Gull [05920]
Sex: Unknown [U]
Age: Nestling or chick, unable to fly freely [1]
Date, accuracy of date, time: 11-06-2014
Place: Kretuono ež. Didžioji sala, Švenčionių r., Lithuania [LI00]
Coordinates (WGS), accuracy: 55°14'45" (55.2458°) N, 26°04'45" (26.0792°) E, Somewhere in a circle with radius 1 km [A]
Ringer: Gintaras Varnas
E-mail: zcentras "@" takas.lt