Herring Gull (argentatus & argenteus)

(last update: February 11, 2013)

Herring Gull (argentatus) RUM DS14436 2CY, February 12 2016, Oudeschild - Texel, the Netherlands. Picture: Peter van der Meer.

1st cycle Herring Gull, hatched in N Russia in 2015.

Metal RUM DS14436, ringed as pullus on June 24 2015 at Zarechnaya Isl, western White Sea in Murmansk Oblast, Russia (67.10N, 32.25E). This is close to the town of Kandalaksha, distance of 2159 KM.

Upper scaps replaced, lower scaps still juvenile. US=75-99%, LS=1-25%, TOT SCAPS=25-50%. All coverts and tertials juvenile. Body feathers: only single feathers on side of breast and flank replaced.