Herring Gull (argentatus & argenteus)

(last update: February 11, 2013)

Herring Gull argenteus J|4 1CY-2CY, October 2018 & August 2119, Noordwijkerhout & IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

Tibia W-J|4 and metal Arnhem NLA 6204345, ringed as pullus on 30-6-2018 at Europoort (Tennesseehaven), Zuid-Holland, NL (5158.00 N 405.00 E), by ringer Roland-Jan Buijs.

15-10-2018 Noordwijk aan Zee (Strand), Zuid-Holland, NL 5.214,00 N 425,00 E colourring read Mars Muusse
2-8-2019 IJmuiden (Haven), Noord-Holland, NL 5.228,N 435, E Fred Cottaar
7-8-2019 IJmuiden (Strand Zuidpier), Noord-Holland, 5.228,N 434, E Mars Muusse

below: Herring Gull argenteus J|4 2CY, August 07 2019, IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

below: Herring Gull argenteus J|4 1CY, October 15 2018, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands.

Limited scap moult. Fresh looking TT4-TT5 and some MC.