Herring Gull (argentatus & argenteus)

(last update: February 11, 2013)

Herring Gull (argentatus) RUM ES21079 1CY-2CY, December 2018 & November 2019, Katwijk, & March 2019, Barneveld, the Netherlands.

From Russia.

RING NUMBER Moskwa ES-21 079
SPECIES Larus argentatus
AGE pull
RINGING DATE 25.06.2018
PROVINCE Russia, Murmansk O.
RINGING PLACE Kandalakshskiy Nature Reserve, Oleniy arkhipelag, isl. - Polovinnitsa Bolshaya
COORDINATES 67.08 N 32.22 E

FINDING DATE 14.12.2018
PROVINCE Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
FINDING PLACE Katwijk aan Zee
COORDINATES 52.13 N 4.24 E
FINDING Larus argentatus, 1 y
DISTANCE 2249 km DIRECTION 223 degrees

below: Herring Gull (argentatus) RUM ES21079 2CY, November 30 2019, Katwijk, the Netherlands.

Obvious mirror on 2nd generation P10.

below: Herring Gull (argentatus) RUM ES21079 2CY, March 08 2019, Barneveld landfill, the Netherlands.

Incredibly, the one and only previous sighting of this individual was also done by me. Not at this location (an inland landfill near Barneveld), but 'around the corner' at my local beach Katwijk aan Zee (about 85 km apart).

below: Herring Gull (argentatus) RUM ES21079 1CY, December 14 2018, Katwijk, the Netherlands.