Gulls in NW Europe

(last update: September 25, 2011 )

Herring Gull 2cy H.522 (argentatus) August 12 2011, Barneveld, the Netherlands. Pictures: Maarten van Kleinwee.

Ringed as pullus on July 03 2010 at Amrum, Germany.
Second-calendar year Herring Gull, moulting to second-winter (second basic, second cycle) plumage. The first-generation pointy primaries P9 and P10 (faided to a light brown) contrast with the darker and rounded second-generation inner primaries. All the mantle, scapulars and coverts seem to have been replaced. P1 to P6 are new and fully grown, P7 is almost fully grown, P8 is just growing. Several of the outer secondaries have been dropped (S1-S3 already visible). PMS=35 (P1=5, P2=5, P3=5, P4=5, P5=5, P6=5, P7=3, P8=2, P9=0, P10=0).