Gulls in NW Europe

(last update: September 25, 2011 )

Herring Gull 1cy (argenteus) YAMF August 13 & December 09 2010, IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

Ringed Herring Gull Y.AMF from Forteiland, IJmuiden. Ringed by Fred & Kees as juvenile on July 05 2010.

The IJmuiden Ringing Team (Fred & Kees) ringed Herring Gulls and Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Forteiland, IJmuiden in 2008-2011, using green darvic rings, starting with Y for borh species (so codes read
Early in the season (May), adults have been caught at the nests and ringed, late June the juveniles were caught and ringed as well.

This page shows an example of birds from this IJmuiden project. All observations of ringed birds from this project can be sent to Kees Camphuysen at NIOZ, Texel (mail camphuys at nioz dot nl).

above: 13 August 2010

Completely juvenile, except that tt4 seems to be growing?

below: 09 December 2010

Replaced scapulars for 2nd gen feathers: US: 100%, LS 75-99%, TOT SCAPS: 75-99%. Head, neck and flanks 2nd gen as well. Coverts and tertials juvenile. It's interesting to see that the 2nd gen like 'spaghetti pattern' on the tip of tt4 was not very obvious in the fresh juvenile plumage, as it is now in December.