nominate Lesser Black-backed Gull (L. fuscus)

(last update: 11-4-2006)


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Larus fuscus fuscus 1cy (juvenile) CNKA August 11 2002, Tampere, Finland (61.33N 24.59E).

A juvenile fuscus by early August, caught and ringed at the Tampere dump on August 11 2002 by Risto Juvaste, ring CNKA and metal HT-238.600. 
A rather large bird, probably a male with an hand span of 435 mm, not unlike the average Finnish argentatus wing span. This bird is still in complete juvenile plumage. Note the dark inner primaries and the tips of the outer primaries, lacking white crescents.
This individual remained at the Tampere dump, almost daily until September 01 2002 and wasn't seen after this date, so probably started migration.

Ring records at Tampere dump:
2002: 2002-08-11, 2002-08-17, 2002-08-18, 2002-08-28, 2002-08-29, 2002-08-31, 2002-09-01.
2003: none.