California Gull californicus

(last update: 22-12-2016 )

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California Gull californicus 1055-08887 2nd cycle (2CY), August 12 2010, MacKerricher State Park, CA. Picture: Brad Carlson.

Please visit Brad's Flickr Photostream for more images!

HY2009. Metal band, banded on May 28 2009 in Alviso, CA.

Bird in active complete moult, from 1st > 2nd cycle. P9-P10 old juvenile, P6 already fully grown (P6>P5). Several scaps still with black shaft-streak. Fresh 2nd gen wing-coverts boldly barred, pattern more or less continued on tertials. Tail still old juvenile, but probably central rectrices missing as primary moult has already arrived at P6. Simultaneously, outermost secondaries probably also in active moult to 2nd gen.