Dragonflies & Damselflies of Aruba Theo Muusse - the Netherlands

Aruban Skimmer (Orthemis arubensis).

The Orthemis family is very difficult to identify since there is no consensus about its status.
There are a few readily discernable species but the violet/ purple/ dark red species are not yet fully understood.

On Aruba there may be more than just one species involved although the coloring of eyes, nose, underside of the thorax, abdomen and ptreostigma look homologous on all animals seen here. There is also no visible difference in its hamulus, and in the female, the shape and colour of its valves on S9 does not seem to vary. Also, note the markings on the thorax on female and immature male, looking alike in the pictures.

So far, I will call it Orthemis arubensis on this website, until there is more transparancy.
Roughly it looks like a cross between O. discolor and O. ferruginae, with characters of both.
Its commonly seen here, whenever there is water.
It also appeared at the very salty Frenchmen’s Pass and at dry places as well as near the coast.
It is never seen in large concentrations, although at the Fontein, the males territories were smaller, sitting only a 7-8 metres from each other.

The Skimmers tend to be less territory in relation with the Red-tailed Pennant. Quite a few times the Skimmer male was seen being pushed off a good spot above the water by the smaller Pennant. The Pennant could succesfully keep the Skimmer from the branch.

'Aruban' Skimmer (Orthemis arubensis). Male.